By purchasing a directory listing package or providing appropriate payment authority, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions outlined below.

Terms and conditions:

Outlined here is the Terms and conditions for and/or its representative reserve the right to add, edit or amend these terms at any given time without notice. encourages you to check these terms on a regular basis.


  • All listings are non refundable.
  • You may cancel your subscription at any time by emailing with “Subscription Cancelation” in the subject-line, no reimbursement will be made if you cancel your plan prior to your subscription end date.
  • Listings cannot be paused. If you wish to have your business removed and then wish to have it reinstated you will be charged the full amount for a new listing.

Listing terms:

  • By subscribing your business to and purchasing any of our packages you, your business and any of your business representatives will offer absolutely no hesitation in supplying your services and/or product to same-sex couples without discrimination of any kind.
  • is under no obligation to accept a Directory Listing (or any part of a Directory Listing) for publication on the Website and is under no obligation to provide reasons for such refusal.
  • and/or its representatives hold no responsibility for loss of business, reputational damage or financial issues resulting from having your business listed on and you the business take full responsibility if such circumstances were to arise.
  • reserves the right to amend your Directory Listing or change the Website at any time. will endeavour to give you advance notice of any material changes that it makes to the Website.
  • will not make contact with customers on a suppliers behalf all bookings with potential clients and customers will be solely the suppliers responsibility.


  • You agree that information and customer details provided to you by must be kept confidential and must not be published or distributed to others.
  • Suppliers must comply with their own privacy policies and with all applicable privacy laws in the collection and use of individuals’ personal information collected as a result of an enquiry made to a Supplier through the Website.


  • All content you provide to and its representatives including business details, written content, images, videos and audio will be deemed non confidential and you give full permission for to use this on any of it’s media platforms including digital and print.
  • You must obtain the permission from the owner of any intellectual property in any third party material submitted by you to be included into your Directory Listing.
  • You warrant that all material submitted by you or your representations for publication on will not breach or infringe the intellectual property rights of any person or be obscene, offensive, defamatory, or in any way unsuitable for people under the age of eighteen (18) years.

Termination of listing:

  • If receives any complaints from visitors, customers or any third party in relation to a supplier or directory listing may remove the said suppliers listing from the website immediately, without notice. In the event that this happens you agree that you will not be entitles to a refund or any amounts paid in respest of the directory listing.

Customer reviews: maintains a review system for it’s premium subscription packages on the Website that allows consumers who use the Website to rate and/or review Suppliers’ online stores, products, goods and services and customer service.

The Supplier agrees that:

  • will at all times maintain editorial control over the reviews posted on the Website in respect of Supplier;
  • The Supplier will not post its own reviews about the Supplier’s own goods or services on the Website; and
  • is not responsible or liable to the Supplier or any third party for any loss or damage caused by such reviews.

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